TECHNONICOL W400 Green Mineral Shed Roof Felt

W400 Green

Bituminous melting material for the top layer

W400 mineral membranes are economical, glass fibre or polyester based waterproofing materials designed for use in traditional pour and roll multi-layer systems or as single layer on shed roofs.

Product Description

W400 is a glass fibre based, slate covered Cap sheet, saturated and coated with oxidised bitumen. The membrane carrier is a glass reinforcement, giving the material good dimensional stability. The upper layer is coated with slate protecting material from ultraviolet exposure and lower layer is finished with fine grained sand.

Product Features:

  • Good low temperature flexibility at -10°C
  • Traditionally applied economical materials
  • Choice of dimensionally stable glass fibre or tough polyester reinforcement
  • Nail fixing, cold or hot mastic/bitumen application

Application areas: designed for installation as the top layer of roof cladding on buildings and constructions. Used for new roofing construction and for repair of old roof.

W 400 is roll-fed, bitumen roofing waterproofing material. Material is produced by two-sided placing of bitumen binder on the substrate a fiberglass. As top protective layer, the slate dressing compound is used for ultraviolet exposure protection of bitumen binder. Fine-grained sand is used on the bottom surface. The material does not contain the substances which are dangerous for the people or animals.

Application method: glued to the prepared surface on hot or cold-applied mastics or bitumen adhesive.

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