TECHNONICOL ECOFLEKS V 4.5 kg Mineral Shed Roof Felt

TECHNONICOL ECOFLEKS V 4.5 kg Mineral Shed Roof Felt

APP modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing membrane

Application areas:
Designed for installation as the top layer of roof cladding on buildings and constructions, for waterproofing of engineering structures. Used for new roofing construction and for repair of old roof. Particularly suitable for local repair. Not recommended to use as one-layer roof cladding or one-layer waterproofing.

Ecofleks V 4.5 kg Mineral /Ecofl eks PV 4.5 kg Mineral is APP modifi ed bitumen roofing waterproofing membrane. Manufactured according to EN 13707:2004+A2:2009. Material is produced by two-sided placing of polymer-bitumen binder, consisting from bitumen, APP (atactic polypropylene) polymer modifier and mineral filler (talc, dolomite etc.), on the (V) glass-fiber mat or (PV) polyester carrier. As top protective layer, the slate dressing compound is used for ultraviolet exposure protection of bitumen binder. Polymer film is used on the bottom surface. The material does not contain the substances which are dangerous for the people or animals.

Application method:
Torch-on application on the prepared surface

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