Water-based, elastomeric, fast-curing, waterproofing, fibre-reinforced, liquid protective membrane, which gives exceptional features such as resistance and durability. WINGUM PLUS H2O RAPID has very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi-volatile compounds.

Its fast-curing feature, makes it rain-proof after just a few hours, allowing start and end of work within the same day (see rain-proof times table). Its particular formulation allows high flexibility and the product’s stability at very low temperatures. It is also resistant to normal foot traffic. WINGUM PLUS H2O RAPID is suitable where very good resistance to backwater is required, particularly on flat surfaces subject to stagnation. It has an excellent resistance to ageing and UV rays. Suitable for waterproofing of concrete supports, fibre-cement slabs, metal sheds (also oxidizable), wood, ceramic tiles or natural stone floorings, brickworks, bitumen polymer membranes (oxidized for a minimum of 180 days).


The product is ready to use and can be applied by short bristle roller, brush, spraying airless gun. Apply the product in 2 coats. In order to get a homogeneous thickness, ideal for waterproofing, it is always advisable to insert between WINTECHNO MAT, reinforcement sheet.


11 – 1.3 kg/m2 in two coats. 1.7 -1.9 kg/m² in two coats, with WINTECHNO MAT inserted in-between.


Link to the video - Winkler Wingum Plus H2O - Waterproofing liquid membrane for roofs