GRP Flat Roof System

The GRP Roof 1010 System by Res-Tec brings innovative liquid roofing technology into the merchant market. Specially formulated to provide lasting waterproof protection for roofs and balconies, GRP Roof 1010 offers unrivalled performance at exceptional value. The system is available to buy from a wide range of stockists across the UK and Ireland.Unlike other systems, GRP Roof 1010 has been developed by the leading polyester chemists at Res-Tec specifically for the purpose of flat roofing. Every batch is made to a rigorous specification for consistent high quality roofing performance.

What makes GRP Roof 1010 different?

  • Installations supported by Res-Tec’s trusted 20 year materials guarantee
  • Simple and quick installation with a waterproof finish that is proven to last
  • Fire tested to BS 476-3:2004 with an BROOF (t4) and F.AB result meaning unrestricted use under Building Regulations
  • Attractive finish to complement any home
  • Anti-slip finish available for balconies and walkways
  • Cold applied for maximum safety – no risks from open flames and other hot works
  • Suitable for application in temperatures as low as 5°C or as high as 30°C
  • Totally seamless membrane – no joints, no welds, no weak points
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for consistent quality