Winkler One - one-component liquid pigmented waterproofing system specially designed to be applied in extreme conditions.

Formulated so as to give peculiar characteristics of impermeability, and long-lasting protection for treated substrates.

Specially designed to be applied in extreme conditions: low and high temperatures (from 0 ° C to + 45 ° C), damp, very damp or wet substrates. The product remains stable to thermal shocks.

The main advantages of Winkler ONE in the application phase are:

· No primer needed

· High breathability

· Very high resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure

· As well as fast curing

Link to the video - Winkler One - Innovative waterproofing liquid membrane

Link to the video - Winkler One Flooring - the innovative waterproofing liquid membrane made to waterproof car parks, warehouses etc.

Winkler ONE system today is used worldwide. This is a totally solvent-free waterproofing system, environmentally friendly. 100% made in Italy.