SKERMO TERRAZZE is a solvent free colourless penetrating sealer based on organic derivatives of silicon.

SKERMO TERRAZZE is 100% active substance. Its low molecular weight allows a deep penetration into the substrate guaranteeing a long-lasting durability throughout time (at least 10 years). It is intended to be used on horizontal and vertical applications in places that require a long lasting water-repellent protective treatment of the substrate over which is applied.

Surfaces treated with SKERMO TERRAZZE are better protected against dust and atmospheric pollution in general.

SKERMO TERRAZZE can be applied over substrates such as: ceramic floors, earthenware tiles, clinker, grès, terracotta, bricks, plasters, mortar, plasters and concrete walls. Common applications are balconies or terraces, exposed architectural concrete or masonry work, other concrete structures, etc.

Apply SKERMO TERRAZZE by roller or pasting brush on the overall tiled surface insisting over the grout area for complete drenching. 15 minutes after the application remove eventual traces of product using a clean rag. Protect from water for at least 18 hours after the product is applied. After such period, the treated surface is walkable again.


On tiled surfaces 15m2/liter.

On concrete walls 5m2/liter.

Link to the video - Skermo Terrazze - Water repellent