Point Penoplast All-Season Polyurethane Mounting Foam - Glue

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All-season polyurethane mounting foam-glue for foam guns.

A mounting foam-adhesive applied with mounting foam gun. It is used for bonding lightweight polystyrene structures, as well as for sealing joints, for the isolation of a water supply, for soundproofing bath and shower enclosures, or for sealing roofs and attics. It does not deform the structures. Glues and seals; has an excellent bond with polystyrene, concrete, brick, wood and PVC; does not dissolve polystyrene; dries fast; has a low expansion coefficient; when hardened, it has the thermal insulation properties of polystyrene.

Binds and seals polystyrene, gypsum board, mineral wool, wood, plastic, concrete, brick, metal, plaster, including wet surfaces.