Thermal Insulation Foam A++ GUDFOR

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We and the specialists in finishing and insulation created GUDFOR A++ together in order to make it more comfortable to isolate the hard-to-reach, cylindrical, convex or polygon surfaces. This sprayed thermal insulation of patented technology can be used for walls and ceiling, attics and foundation, and if you need, you can also use it for isolating balconies, piping or any other premises against cold or heat. When insulating buildings and their communication with the usual material, you will need to waste a lot of time waiting for installing elements to be fixed and for insulation plates to be measured and cut out. What if you also need to carry out additional sealing work or lay the second isolation layer in order to avoid having thermal bridges in the interface between insulation plates? You will save time and facilitate your work with sprayed thermal insulation GUDFOR A++.

  • Amount in bottle - 2,5 м2 × 3 cm per layer
  • Water absorption - at least 2%
  • Spray-on heat insulation density - 10 – 13,5 kg/m3
  • Sound protection - up to 60 dB
  • Compressing force under 10%
  • deformation mPa - 0,020 (DIN 53421)
  • Isolation of tough and hard-reachable surfaces - Yes
  • Details or glue for moulding - No
  • Thermal conductivity rate - λ, W/mK 0,028
  • Water absorption - Low
  • Operating time 100 m2, min. - 200
  • Steam conductivity, mg/mPa - 0,060