Fome Flex 60 Seconds Fast Fix Adhesive Foam

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FOME FLEX 60 SECONDS FAST FIX is the fastest primary grip adhesive foam in the market, without secondary expansion, designed for bonding all insulating materials and most finishing, construction and renovation work. The main areas of application: installation of insulation and finishing panels of any size, block masonry, installation of decorative elements, gluing steps, plinth installation, window sills, etc. The product has excellent adhesion to most of building materials: polystyrene insulation boards (EPS, XPS), polyurethane boards (PIR), phenolic boards (PF), wood, concrete, bricks, ceramic and stone tiles, metal, gypsum, OSB, aluminium, etc. The foam has an extremely fast and strong initial grip, with a gluing time of just 60 seconds. Support is only needed for 1-2 minutes, depending on the weight and size of the bonded element. The setting time is 15 min. and cutting time is only 10 min., so FOME FLEX 60 SECONDS FAST FIX significantly speeds up and simplifies the work of finishing and construction works repairer.

The foam yield at a 3 cm joint width is 95 meters, which allows up to 14 m2 of insulation or finishing elements to be installed and reduces transport costs comparing to dry mixes.


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