LOGICROOF V-SR Single Ply PVC Membrane

LOGICROOF V-SR Single Ply PVC Membrane


  • It has a high tensile strength
  • Stabilized against UV radiation by using a system TRI-P®
  • It contains flame retardants and special stabilizers
  • It has high elasticity


A polymer roofing membrane based on a foundation of high-quality plasticized polyvinylchloride (PVC). It is stabilized against UV radiation through use of the TRI-P® system. Contains fire-retardants and special stabilizers. It has enhanced elasticity for easy installation at low temperature. The front surface can have a special non-slip embossing.

Area of application:

Unreinforced PVC membrane. Used for manufacturing elements for strengthening and interfacing to various roofing designs, such as pipes, funnels, and masts. The membranes remain elastic at low temperatures and can be used in all climatic zones according to SP 131.13330.2012. The product must not have any direct contact with materials containing bitumen, solvents, or foamed heat insulators (EPS, XPS, PIR, foamglass).


Each roll sealed in opaque plastic film for protection against dirt and UV light.

Membrane Thickness, mmWidth x length of the roll, mNumber of rolls per pallet
152.05 x 2018


Rolls should be stored horizontally on pallets in their original packaging without direct exposure to sunlight, rain and snow. Storage in two stages and the use of rigid separation pads.