LOGICROOF V-RP FB Single Ply PVC Membrane

Logicroof V-RP FB Single Ply PVC Membrane


  • Stabilized against UV radiation by using a system TRI-P®
  • Compatible with bitumen bases through the substrate of geotextile
  • It has a high puncture resistance and mechanical stress
  • It has a high resistance to aging
  • It has a high tensile strength


LOGICROOF V-RP FB is a premium quality PVC membrane with laminated geotextile fleece on the bottom surface, which is designed for use in fully adhered systems. The material is used for single-ply waterproofing of exposed flat roofs. It is fixed by glue, overlaps should be welded with the hot air (each roll has a fleece free edge on one side).

LOGICROOF V-RP FB is a polyester reinforced multi-layer synthetic membrane produced by co-extrusion on a base of premium quality plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P). The top layer is featured by a very high resistance to weather factors and UV rays, while the bottom layer offers a high resistance to puncture.


The membrane for the reconstruction of the old asphalt roofing without dismantling the existing pie for use in adhesive roofing system.


Each roll sealed in opaque plastic film for protection against dirt and UV light.

Membrane Thickness, mmWidth x length of the roll, mNumber of rolls per pallet
152.05 x 2018
182.05 x 1518
202.05 x 1518


Rolls should be stored horizontally on pallets in their original packaging without direct exposure to sunlight, rain and snow. Storage in two stages and the use of rigid separation pads.

Shelf life - 18 months from date of manufacture.