Res-Tec Roof Trims

Res-Tec Premium Quality GRP Roofing Trims

The ResTrim range is a complete set of superior pre-formed GRP edge trims and accessories for the detailing roofs and balconies. Unlike many other trims in the market, ResTrims are made to be robust, tough and are designed to create a perfect detailing finish.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Robust build that is resistant to damage
  • Creates a neat, streamline edge detail for any roof or balcony
  • Can be used for decorative finishes such as lead roll effect
  • Easy to install with consistent jointing
  • An integral part of the GRP Roof 1010 System and compatible with other fibreglass systems
  • Unique pre-formed GRP accessories including through wall outlets and pipe collars – providing an easy solution for tricky details

GRP edge trims must be installed at all roof perimeters including exposed edges, wall abutments and at joints to adjacent pitched roofs.

  • DRIP TRIMS- Installed to any perimeter edge where water runs off into a gutter.
  • UPSTAND FASCIA- Installed to edges where water does not run off.
  • CORNER PIECE- Installed at external the corners of the roof.
  • WALL FILLET- Installed to any edges that abut a wall.
  • COVER FLASHING- Used to provide weathering protection for wall abutment details.
  • FLAT SHEET- Installed beneath slates/tiles at edges that abut a pitched roof.
  • EXPANSION- Installed for any roofs over 50m2 or greater than 10m over a 25mm gap between boards.