GRP Roof 1010 System Components

GRP Roof 1010 SYSTEM main components:

  • GRP Roof 1010 Base Coat
  • GRP Roof 1010 Top Coat
  • Catalyst (for hardening the Base and Top Coats)
  • GRP Trims
  • Chopped strand fibreglass mat reinforcement (450g/m2 or 600g/m2)
  • Taping mat (for trim joints and other details)

Additional Components:

  • Acetone (wiping trims before coating, wiping Base Coat if Top Coat Applied 24hours later, and cleaning tools)
  • MS Polymer adhesive, such as High Tack Express adhesive or equivalent (for bonding trims).
  • Anti-slip finish media (for balcony applications)

Additional Components:

  • Application rollers
  • Catalyst dispenser
  • Stirrer
  • Paddle roller
  • Application brushes (for difficult to reach areas)
  • Calibrated buckets (for measuring resin quantities and mixing in catalyst)
  • Protective equipment (latex gloves, respiratory/dust mask and safety goggles)
  • Medium grit sand paper
  • Scales for measuring by weight (optional)
  • Cloths / rags