DEWEB NTS Anti-Condensation Felt

DEWEB anti-condensation and anti-dripping felt for metal roofing. Product for roof panels roll forming industry. Self-adhesive non woven stuck on steel sheet for roof panel on inner side, which functions are to absorb moisture due to condensation appearing on inner side of steel roof, to drain water to bottom of slope and to evaporate humidity inside non woven felt by natural ventilation.


DEWEB NTS consisting of polyester fibers, allows for optimal performance:

  • Water absorption
  • Condensate drainage
  • Very low water raising

Product resisting tensile strength due to unwinding, DEWEB NTS is very flexible and conforms easily. Its adhesive tacks under cold conditions (0°C) on dry painted steel and its adhesive holding was proven on the temperature range -25°C to 90°C .

DEWEB NTS prevents mold proliferation and have obtained a good Euroclass fire classification.

The inner surface of metal roofing is protected from corrosion because the condensate is not in direct contact with the painted steel sheet, the adhesive acting as a protective barrier.
DEWEB NTS applies mainly on galvanized and lacquered steels.

Capture of condensation by DEWEB NTS and protection against corrosion on inner side.

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