WIVE 100 Intake Vent With THERMOSTAT

The VILPE Wive intake vent brings in fresh outdoor air. The intake vent can be painted or wallpapered. The product fits buildings with passive ventilation. Wive intake vent can be installed on a wall or retrofitted to replace an old vent. The intake vent with thermostat is completely open when the outdoor air temperature is +20 °C. The intake vent thermostat closes in outdoor temperatures of -5 °C. However, it always allows some air to flow into a building. Includes three through-the-wall extension pipes, maximum length 440 mm. The intake vent’s cover is insulated to prevent condensation.

Dimensions: Intake vent 100 x 100 mm. Multifunction grille 150 x 150 mm.

Content: Intake vent, filter, VILPE Multifunction grille and instruction manuals.

Link to the product video