WInkler One Flooring Waterproofing Membrane

One-component pigmented liquid applied waterproofing membrane for horizontal surfaces subjected to vehicular traffic or other high-level stress. ONE FLOORING is UV resistant providing waterproofing and protection against abrasion, heavy traffic or other mechanical hard-wearing. The product is specially designed to allow its application indoors or outdoors under extreme conditions, such as conditions of thermal shock with temperatures range from 0°C to +45°C and over damp or wet substrates.

ONE FLOORING is particularly recommended for waterproofing and protecting floors/decks subjected to high levels of stress such as: garages or car parking facilities, storage or warehouses, industrial floorings and substrates as concrete, ceramic tiles or other floors/decks with permanent problems of excess dampness, also not completely cured cementitious screeds (7 days at 15°C). Its particular formulation, allows adhesion also over tarmac (with minimum mechanical resistance of 0.5 N/mm²).

Total consumption:

1.7- 1.9 kg/m2 without reinforcement 1.8 – 1.9 kg/m² with ONE MAT

Colour: Grey

Link to the video - Winkler One Flooring - the innovative waterproofing liquid membrane made to waterproof car parks, warehouses etc