Winkler One Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

ONE is a single component colored liquid waterproofing for roof membrane, specifically developed for applications under extreme conditions.

ONE can be used in waterproofing applications such as flat roofs, metal roofs recover, balconies or decks and areas with moisture damages, including those with foot traffic. After complete curing, ONE ensures superior waterproofing protection while maintaining resistance to thermal shocks, foot traffic, and, in case of application over hard surfaces such as concrete or floor tiles, to patio furniture. ONE is a fast-curing product that tolerates precipitations in a short period of time after its application. Although not fully cured, the product is rain-proofed, after its application, according to the time table provided.

  • Ready to use
  • No Primer Needed
  • UV resistant


Once applied, after a few hours it is completely rain-proof.

Temperature of application

Rain-proofed in

+20 °C

2 h

+15 °C

2 h 30 min

+10 °C

3 h

+5 °C

4 h

0 °C

5 h

Applicable on:


Concrete blocks





BUR cap sheets or modified bituminous membranes

Fibered-cement boards

Asphalt shingles

Ceramic tiled surfaces

Wet surfaces

The product, when fully cured, is resistant to wear by even intense pedestrian passage and, thanks to its mechanical resistance, on rigid substrates (concrete and tiles) makes it possible to place chairs and tables.

Color: Grey


1.7-1.9 kg/m² in two coats, with ONE MAT interposed.

Link to the video - Winkler One - Innovative waterproofing liquid membrane