WINGUM PLUS H2O Rapid Fibre-reinforced Waterproofing Liquid Membrane

Water-based, elastomeric, fast-curing, waterproofing, fibre-reinforced, liquid protective membrane, which gives exceptional features such as resistance and durability. WINGUM PLUS H2O RAPID has very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi-volatile compounds.

Its fast-curing feature, makes it rain-proof after just a few hours, allowing start and end of work within the same day (see rain-proof times table). Its particular formulation allows high flexibility and the product’s stability at very low temperatures. It is also resistant to normal foot traffic.

  • Ready to use
  • No Primer Needed
  • UV resistant

Applicable on:

Concrete supports

Fibre-cement slabs

Metal sheds (also oxidizable)


Ceramic tiles or natural stone floorings


Bitumen polymer membranes

Color: Grey


1.1 – 1.3 kg/m2 in 2 coats

1.7 -1.9 kg/m² in 2 coats with WINTECHNO MAT