Eurovent CLIMA Airtightness Membrane

Eurovent CLIMA - newest solution of humidity variable hygroscopic membrane.

This new membrane is an alternative solution for vapor barrier products with a variable Sd coeffcient. It is made out of a layer of polypropylene non-woven fabric and a special functional film, which enables small quantities of vapor to move towards the attic from the inside of the building, and if necessary, the other way around. This results in the membrane having a special feature - also called vapor barrier activity. The product is vapor active - it prevents vapor condensation (this feature is not available with regular vapor barriers).

Eurovent CLIMA was created to face global demand in the field of vapor insulation. It is used as sealant layer for air infiltration. This intelligent film supports drying process of roofing system. It highly reduces the load of humidity on the roofing baffle. As a result insulation and the building structure remains in dry state. Intelligent adaptive vapor membrane also adjusts the resistance to the flow of water vapor depending on the level of humidity between the baffle and the interior of the building.

Exceptional high diffusion resistance varying in consideration of the humidity content makes Eurovent CLIMA highly effective in all climatic conditions. Extraordinary (Sd 0.25 m – 25 m) range of changes in diffusion resistance guarantees safety constructions with closed diffusion, such as roofs with inverted layers or fully boarded roofs covered with asphalt or bituminous shingles. Thanks too variable Sd-value this intelligent vapor membrane is specially dedicated for complicated roofing solutions and constructions in most demanding climatic conditions.


Eurovent CLIMA can be used in residential and industrial buildings as vapor control layer to protect thermal insulation against penetration of water vapor. Unique properties of the product allow active regulation of vapor transfer, which in turn prevents from fungus and mold issues, and also problems with wood construction damage. We strongly recommend that the overlaps are tightly sealed with dedicated Eurovent tape.

Benefits of CLIMA:

  • Active vapor barrier
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Air tight barrier
  • Resistant to UV
  • Quick and easy application

Additionally Eurovent CLIMA can be used in renovation and heat modernization of roofs from the outside. Some roofs require repairs or additional insulation, but this work cannot be done form the inside of the building. Now, thanks to Eurovent CLIMA such repairs can be done from the outside. After dismantling the roof tile, set up boarding, and after that (or if old boarding is still available) place Eurovent CLIMA, thermic insulation, roof membrane, counter-laths, laths and roofing.


  • Smart adjustment of the humidity – variable Sd value
  • Air infiltration barrier
  • Supreme security of thermal insulation
  • Best protection against damage and mold, especially in case of unforeseen humidity
  • Particularly large, effective in all weather conditions, variable diffusion resistance (in winter insulation is 40x more tight than in the summer)