TECHNOELAST VB 500 Self-Adhesive Membrane

Flexible reinforced SBS-modified bitumen membrane TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF is used as a high-performance vapor barrier in roof waterproofing systems. Self-adhesive bottom surface and high tensile strength ensure the ability of the material to withstand the weight of the person standing between the corrugations of the profiled metal deck without breaking or stretching.

The material is produced on a base of a glass net carrier coated with SBS-modified self-adhesive bitumen binder. The membrane is protected on the bottom side with an easily removable siliconized film, while the top surface is covered with aluminium foil.

Suitable for application in roofing systems of civil and industrial buildings with normal and increased temperature and moisture regime (factories, gyms, pools).

Main features and benefits:

High productivity:

  • No need to install an additional solid layer for vapour barrier.
  • No need to use double sided tape for sealing seams.
  • Fewer stages of installation.

Easier way to install a perfect vapour barrier:

  • Adhesive surface allows perfect bonding of the membrane seams.
  • Protects the profiled decking from precipitation.

Lower costs:

  • No additional layer of stone wool is needed.
  • No scraps of thermal insulation.
  • No additional sealing of seams.

Reduced labour costs:

  • Water-vapour permeability characteristics Sd=1000 m
  • Can be used for roofing systems with bitumen or synthetic membranes.
  • Suitable for use above premises with high moisture content.
  • Minimizes the risk of condensation.

Mechanically resistant:

  • The surface can be walked on during installation of thermal insulation.