NICOBAND INSIDE Self-Adhesive Sealing Tape

Self-adhesive sealing tape - TECHNONICOL NICOBAND INSIDE


NICOBAND INSIDE is a self-adhesive sealing and waterproofing polymer-bitumen tape. Produced by unilateral application of anti-adhesion to the polymer film self-adhesive bitumen-polymer binder consisting of bitumen, SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene) polymer modifiers and special adhesive additives. Self-adhesive non-woven polypropylene (Spunbond) is used as a protective layer on the other side.

Application areas:

  • Sealing joints in the ventilation system (ducts, floors, flexible ducts).
  • Sealing of various pipes in cold areas.
  • The product adjacencies to the walls and other protruding parts.
  • Waterproofing of floors of the bathrooms and kitchens without the use of protective cement sand screed.
  • Ceramic tiles can be glued on directly.
  • Can be used where the material will be protected from the effects of UV-rays:
  • Waterproofing of masonry and wood constructions.
  • Waterproofing of seams of thermal insulation.

Application method:

Attached to the dry and cleaned surface. Fit, without any equipment. It is recommended to work at temperatures above +5 °C.


Store in a place protected from atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight