Professional sausage caulk gun PROFI

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Professional caulk gun FOME FLEX Profi with 12:1 thrust ratio, perfect for applying standard materials such as acrylic, silicone and polyurethane. Engineered for smooth and precise material delivery, the caulk gun is easy to use and produces great results. Comes ready to use with sausage packs. Made with heavy-duty metal barrel, handle, rod and plate and treated with premium finish, the caulk gun has the durability to satisfy even the most demanding professionals. 20 oz. capacity barrel. Use with bulk caulk, 20 oz. sausage packs, or 10 oz. cartridges. The gun tube is made of aluminium as well as the aluminium seal caps. It is 360-degree rotating design, easy to handle and convenient to use in different directions. The rotating swivel barrel for ease of use and cartridge swaps, easy to change and replace. the cartridge. The aluminium caps of the caulking gun are tight and safe will not brake if dropped. The light weight design of aluminium handle for easy holding, and with iron trigger for extra pressing durably. There is a hardened strengthened pushing part / pad, make the pushing easily and durably. The designed for 20oz sausage packs but can be also for 10oz / 12oz cartridges. The special design on the inside Nylon pushing pad makes the cartridge squeeze out smoothly and completely.