Bituminous Primer TECHNONICOL № 01

Classical ready-to-use Bituminous Primer

Primer № 01 is a solution containing high quality oil bitumen and specially selected organic solvents with softening temperature at no lower than 70°C. Primers are ready to use products for single coat applications suitable for all types of substrates.


  • Ready to use (must be well stirred prior to application)
  • High penetration
  • Can be used at temperatures below 0°C
  • Quick-drying

Application areas:

Primers are used to prepare substrate for application of torch-on, selfadhesive or other types of waterproofing materials. The prime coating is necessary to achieve strong adhesion of materials to porous, rough and dusty surfaces.

Method of application:

TECHNONICOL № 01 primer should be applied to prepared surface clear of any debris or sharp projections. The primer should be applied in continuous coat using roll or brush penetrating the surface and providing smooth and well adhered base for subsequent waterproofing layers.

Drying time:



10 and 20 l