TECHNONICOL Bitumen Roofing Hot Mastics MBK-G

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Bitumen Hot Roofing Mastics MBK-G

Application areas

Adhesion of economy-class roll-fed bitumen materials, crack sealing, alignment of foundation defects up to 5 mm deep, and surface waterproofing.

Description of material

MBK-G series mastics are an economy-class product. They consist of a mix of oxidized bitumen and mineral fillers. MBK-G mastics have sufficient penetrability and have good water-repellent and adhesive properties. The mastic can be used in all climatic zones (as determined in Construction Codes and Regulation (SNiP) 23-01).

Method of application

Warm up mastic to a temperature of 160-180°С with constant mixing and apply while still in a liquid state on a dust-free primer-coated base by a putty knife, small paint brush, or by pouring and leveling using special combs (spreading knifes). After cooling, a strong coating with good adhesion to the base is formed.


Store in a dry place protected against sunlight at a temperature between –20°C and +30°C.