TechnoNICOL Mida Bitumen Felt

At Nord Roofs we supply MIDA bitumen felt by TechnoNICOL for domestic and commercial customers in Ireland. We offer top quality torch on bitumen membranes from leading manufacturers at the best prices. Our professional and friendly team will assist and give an expert advice on our product selection.

We are proud to stock TechnoNICOL roofing supplies, as its unique production is in great demand in the modern market of building materials. It is really irreplaceable in terms of finding solutions while building and roofing.

Nord Roofs - top quality flat roofing supplies and roofing solutions in Ireland.

We provide up to 25 year warranty for most of our roofing supplies and materials. We are the only dealer of TechnoNICOL roofing supplies in Ireland. We offer daily nationwide delivery service of our products across Ireland from our Dublin warehouse.

Please let us know if you have any questions or product inquiries. Call us on 01 4845199 or submit your request via Contact Page