Roofing insulation system

Roofing insulation system Ireland - Roof Insulation - Domestic - Commercial

Roofing insulation system for industrial and public buildings with load-bearing structures of reinforced concrete. TN-Standard ROOFING SYSTEM is used for installation of roofing in industrial and public-purpose premises with reinforced concrete bearing constructions. This is a traditional system of roofing pie which has long proved its worth since the times of application of ruberoid water insulation. It is popular among construction and operating companies due to its high reliability and maintainability.


TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF extruded polystyrene foam is used as a heat insulation layer which is characterized by low thermal conductivity, minimal water absorption, and high compressive strength. All these advantages of the TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF extruded polystyrene foam make it exclusively beneficial within the TN-Standard ROOFING SYSTEM.


classic solution for your roof; reliable heat insulation; opportunity to choose a variety of roofing colors.