Insulation system for residential floor

Foundation insulation system for residential floor - Insulation Solutions in Ireland

TN-FOUNDATION Drainage system is used for protection of underground constructions in residential buildings or occupied premises constructed on clayed and loamy soils, regardless of ground water levels as well as in sandy soils when ground water levels are above a foundation slab level. The above-mentioned system is also recommended for use in the constructions located in filamentous watering area in cases of use in harsh environmental conditions like temperature and humidity

Description :

The necessity of having heat insulation is preconditioned by the fact that the heat loss through the cottage substructure amounts up to 20% of the total heat loss. Heat insulation of heated underground floors allows sufficiently decreasing any unreasonable heat loss. Heat insulation of non-heated underground floors provides an opportunity to maintain a constant temperature of 5–10°C throughout the year as well as to avoid the formation of condensation, dampness, and mold growth on the interior surfaces of the underground premises.


usable underground floor; foundation wall doesn’t freeze up; additional protection of constructions and foundation elements in aggressive hydrological conditions