Insulation Solution using Swedish plate technology

Insulation Solution using Swedish plate technology

Scope of application:

It is recommended during construction of buildings made of lumber, whole section timber, glued laminated timber, rounded logs, as well as building blocks, bricks, and stone. It is applicable for development sites with the following types of soil: sand, clay sand, clay loam, clay, water-saturated and weak soil (peat); development sites with difficult terrain: with level difference of up to 250 mm foundation lengthwise.


Swedish slab technology incorporates the system of a heat-insulated solid-cast foundation slab and a communication network including a floor heating system. Comprehensive approach allows obtaining heat-insulated basis within a short period of time with the embedded engineering systems and a flat floor ready for laying tiles, installation of laminate floor boards, or other floor covering.


construction of a foundation slab takes up to 10–15 days, depending on its size and form; foundation slab surface is ready for installation of floor covering; heat insulation layer reliably protects against heat loss, which means reduced building heating expenses; soil under the heat-insulated slab does not freeze up minimizing problems on heaving soil; foundation laying does not require heavy equipment (except for a small truck tractor for excavation purposes).