Foundation insulation system - Heated floor technology

Foundation insulation system - Heated floor technology

Scope of application:

TN-Thermo Floor system is designed for creating a floor heating system using electric heating cables. Warm floor system allows creating the most comfortable conditions for stay inside, reducing the costs for the main heating. The system offers an opportunity to not use main heating at all.


Application of only 20 mm-thick extruded polystyrene foam layer allows a significant decrease in thermal energy flux in undesirable directions due to high heating insulation properties, which maximizes heat-generating layer (electric heaters) efficiency.

Use of extruded polystyrene foam when the heating system is off allows a significant decrease in heat loss, which is impossible when installing standard foil-coated materials in warm floor systems. Warm floor structure using extruded polystyrene foam also has great sound insulation properties: impact noise level decreases up to 28 dB. Thus, the requirements for flooring insulation in residential buildings with the highest categories of acoustic comfort are met.


decrease in thermal fluxes in undesirable directions; substantial electricity savings; due to high thermal and technical properties of TECHNONIСOL CARBON slabs, warm floor continues its operation for another 24 hours with an electrical heating component switched off! sound insulation up to 28 dB.