Foundation insulation system

Foundation insulation system with a residential underground floor

TN-FOUNDATION Thermo system is used for the protection of underground constructions in residential buildings or occupied premises constructed on sandy soils with low ground water levels (below the foundation slab level) in cases when the depth of soil freezing is up to the foundation slab level. Additionally, horizontal heat insulation can be used under the perimeter pavement made of TECHNONIСOL CARBON polystyrene foam slabs.

Water insulation of the underground part is assured by the application of two layers of Technoelast XPS torchable bitum-polymeric materials overlaying on the preliminarily prepared basis by way of application of the TECHNONIСOL primer.


Application of the heat insulation layer made of TECHNONIСOL CARBON ECO/PROF extruded polystyrene foam allows preventing the foundation structure from freezing up. Thus, optimal temperature-humidity conditions for occupied premises as well as additional protection of a water insulation layer against mechanical damages and other negative factors are assured. TECHNONIСOL CARBON ECO/PROF extruded polystyrene foam is recommended to be used as a heat insulation layer.


ideal for a newly-constructed building; foundation wall doesn’t freeze up; two-layer water insulation system; applicable in any hydrological conditions.