Floor insulation system

Floor insulation system - Domestic / Commercial

TN-Standard FLOOR is a widely known system. It is used for sound and heat insulation of flooring, residential, public and administrative buildings.


TECHNONIСOL CARBON ECO/PROF extruded polystyrene foam is widely used in private house construction and repair. TECHNONIСOL CARBON ECO/PROF is perfectly suited for heat insulation of floors in residential building, for example, in a city apartment or a cottage. As a rule, floors do not experience big loads in such premises.

Heat insulation made of TECHNONIСOL CARBON ECO/PROF extruded slabs possesses reasonable strength to make light-weight floor with the use of only dry technological solutions, i.e. when sheet-backing coat is used as a distributing course and is made, for example, of two sheets of gypsum plasterboard, oriented strand board, and cement bonded particle board. Sheet-backing coat sheets should be either glued onto each other or interconnected mechanically.


no need for classical wet coating; quick installation of the construction; ideal for private house construction and reparation.