Vilpe roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes


We offer most comprehensive range of Vilpe roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes to our customers in Ireland. Product range includes:

  • Roof fans, ECo roof fans
  • Exhaust ventilation pipes
  • Sewer ventilation pipes
  • Roof vents
  • Aerial sleeves
  • Radon fans
  • Ross ventilation poles
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Roof hatches
  • Solar pass-throughs
  • Chimney pass-throughs
  • Air Intake Vents

  • P-series for pitched roofs

    The P-series roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes can be led watertightly with a pass-through set through a roof. VILPE pass-through sets can be installed on any roofs with the most common pitches (less than 50 degrees). The passthrough set is always selected according to the roofing material. All the rooffans and exhaust ventilation pipes in the P-series are compatible with all passthrough set types. Using P-series XL roof fans and XL exhaust ventilation pipes requires an XL pass-through.

    S-series for flat surface installation

    The S-series roof fans and exhaust vents are designed to be installed in the ventilation shaft, onto a silencer or in or other horizontal surface. Thus, they are also suitable for gently sloping roofs. The S-roof fans and S-exhaust vents are used, for example, in blocks of flats and terraced houses, when flat-specific ventilation is required. The S-series roof fan can also be used for modifying an old natural ventilation system into a mechanical one during renovation.

    C-series for handmade/pre-bent steel cones

    The C-series roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes are used in the same way as P-series products in solutions where the pipe is led through a roof and a cone. The dierence is that the C-series fans and exhaust ventilation pipes are installed on top of the sheet metal cone made by a sheet metal worker on the roof. The diameter of the upper part of the sheet metal cone has to be either Ø 170 mm or 315, according to the size of the roof fan or ventilation pipe.

    Products for low-pitched roofs

    The VILPE® product family includes a wide selection of fasteners, sealings and underpressure vents for the needs of various roofing. The Felt pass-throughs (tall) enable installing all the roof fans and exhaust ventilation pipes with a diameter of 100–250 mm on low-pitched roofs. The backwater height of passthroughs are all according to regulations.

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