Vilpe OK-3 FIERA SPRINT Cooker Hood

Vilpe OK-3 FIERA SPRINT Cooker Hood is a wall cooker hood without a built-in motor for the system SILENT KITCHEN by VILPE. The VILPE SILENT KITCHEN Ventilation System is connection of the COOKER HOOD without a built-in motor to a VILPE ROOF FAN.

Control: push button

Speed rates: 3

LED lighting: 2x2 W

Dimensions: 600/800/900 mm

Finish: toughened glass + lacquer


Recommended models of roof fans:

VILPE® E190 max. capacity of approx. 450 m3/h*

VILPE® E220 max. capacity of approx. 720 m3/h*

VILPE® ECo 190 max. capacity of approx. 650 m3/h*